Nursing Homes

Ways to show the love of Christ to nursing home residents

Snack Mix

Package in snack bags. Used for resident prizes

For 100 Snack Bags: 

  • Gorp 15 lb. M&M’s (peanut, peanut butter, & plain) 
  • 4 (10 oz) bags small pretzels 
  • 8 (16 oz) jars peanuts 
  • 9 boxes of raisins

For 125-150 Snack Bags:

  • 8 (15 oz) Boxes Goldfish Snack Crackers (Cheese) 
  • 8 (10 oz) Boxes Nutter Butter Cookie Bites 
  • 8 (10 oz) Boxes Ritz Bits Sandwich Mini Cheese Crackers 
  • 8 ( 10 oz) Boxes Chocolate Teddy Grahams 
  • 4 to 5 Boxes Oreo Cereal 
  • 8 lbs. M&M’s (Any Kind)

New resident or Easter gift bags

Package these gift bags with a Bible verse and a few other items. See ideas below. Also, children could decorate the bags.

  • Kleenex (big box)
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion
  • Hairpins
  • paper and pen, etc. 

Christmas Party

Buy small Gifts for each resident and then have a christmas party and sing christmas carols


Make table and door decorations or collect used vases and baskets for decorations

All Occasion Cards

Make all occasion cards for the Nursing Home. The staff can use these cards to give to residents who don’t get cards on the holidays. This is a good project for children.

Wheelchair Bags

Make bags that attach to the wheelchairs or walkers. 

Clothing Protectors

Make large clothing protectors with towels, possibly waffle towels with rick rack.

Lap Robes

Make lap robes for the residents 

Prop Pillows

Ask if they need various sized prop pillows

Hand Lotion

Put hand lotion on the elderly. Especially middle school or high school students but could be anyone. This serves as a personal touch and gives you quality time to talk to them

Party Favors

Create party favors for the residents


Create scrapbooks with pictures for the residents. Doesn’t have to be pictures of the residents. Could be pictures of the Nursing Home in general or even pictures from a magazine.