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Forage Research

Goal:  To grow highly digestible forage, either to daily cut and feed, or for silage. Most forage crops grown in tropical like conditions tend to be high in fiber (lignin), which usually equates to being low in energy/carbohydrates. Corn is available in Haiti as an energy source. However, much of the corn is used for human consumption and at times is not cost effective for feeding livestock.

Research to date in Haiti:

-4 varieties of BMR Sudan grass

-Brachiaria hybrid (Cayman grass)

-Tiffany teff

-Iron Clay Cowpeas

-Velvet Bean

-Sodbuster Radish

-Maximus Ryegrass

-Berseem Clover

Nine of these seed varieties have been planted, with the Ryegrass and Clover to be planted in September. Several forage analyses have been taken with measurable and promising results.