Medical & Dental Teams

Over the last 25 years, Apostolic Christian brethren with medical backgrounds have organized trips to Mexico and Haiti to bring medical, dental, and vision care to poor communities.

Tens of thousands have received free medical care from the hundreds of volunteers sent through World Relief, and now HarvestCall.

Medical teams typically go twice a year to Mexico, primarily to the areas of Juarez and Copper Canyon. Dental teams are also sent to CVE (Casa Vida y Esperanza in Sonora, Mexico) to provide annual dental cleanings and make routine trips to Hospital Lumiere in Bonne Fin, Haiti.

Along with free health care, recipients receive health kits, Bibles and Bible lessons.

Brothers that are eye doctors go to the Mexican village of Ixtlan annually to give eye exams and provide free glasses. Emergency medical work teams have also supported the local community of Ixtlan.

Upcoming medical team trips 

Medical/Dental teams to Mexico
Medical/Dental teams to Hospital Lumiere

What does a Mexico medical/dental work team do?

Twice a year, teams consisting of up to 40 people are sent for seven days to various cities (Reynosa, Juarez, Ixtlan, Leon). A team leader will assist in transportation, reservations, and all other arrangements.

Each morning begins with a prayer and a short worship service. The team travels to the worksite by vans to set up medical/dental clinics in poor neighborhoods and remote locations. In the past we have focused on providing consults to MDs and medication distribution. Now, based on recommendations from the World Health Organization and other experienced groups, the focus is more on health screening and education, dental cleaning and dental hygiene.

We work collaboratively side by side with the Mexicans to provide an educational health fair with several different educational booths.

These teaching booths include

  • Spiritual health and Bible Distribution for the adults
  • Bible stories with flannel graph for the children
  • Wholesome nutrition
  • High blood pressure and diabetes education. Participants also get an assessment of their blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Exercise
  • Dental health and hygiene
  • Basic first aid training and distribution of a small first aid book and kit
  • Parenting

In addition to helping people physically, our goal is to relate to each person individually... to look people in the eyes, learn their names, and listen to their stories. We want them to know that they matter to us and to God. Then when the gospel is shared as the medical and dental care is given, their hearts are open to receive God's word.

Before heading home, people are given a "bag of goodies." These can include health kits, school kits, first aid kits, layettes, rice pilaf, soup, and homemade soap, all assembled and lovingly provided by brethren back home. To serve the 1,000 – 1,500 families that attend each clinic, 5,000 – 10,000 health kits, 2,500 school kits, 2,000 coloring & Bible story kits, 2,000 first aid kits, and 100 layettes are needed for each trip!.

There will be many opportunities for fellowship, inspiration, and encouragement, along with countless stimulating experiences to taste and see a culture very different from the USA.

A passport will be necessary for travel in Mexico. Whenever traveling in a foreign county, keep your identification with you at all times. Immunization is recommended, but not required by the health department.

Supplies and medicines are funded by HarvestCall. The cost for transportation, food, and lodging are generally assumed by each volunteer, although financial support can be made available if needed.

AC Health Care Provider Registry

Be updated on medical opportunities to serve in the name of Christ. Anyone who regularly attends and supports the doctrine of the Apostolic Christian Church, and has or is currently pursuing a career in a medical/dental field is welcome to be a part of this roster.

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Skills needed on medical work teams

  • Physicians  
  • Hygenists       
  • Nutritionists
  • Dentists       
  • Dental Assistants       
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Pharmacists 
  • Respiratory Therapists   
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses           
  • EMTs           
  • Certified Midwives
  • Nurses Aides   
  • Physical Therapists

Also needed

  • Anyone with bilingual Spanish or cross-cultural experience
  • Young people considering a medical career
  • Ministers and song leaders
  • Non-medical personnel
  • People who care

Medical Missions Scholarship

Can't afford to go on a mission trip? Scholarships are available to individuals of all healthcare occupations. Preference is given to those in-training or new graduates and to established HarvestCall opportunities. Maximum award of $2,500 per person or $5,000 per family.

All applications due at least 8 weeks prior to planned trip.

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