Sponsor a Bed

Helping those who can’t pay

Your financial support is needed in order for Hospital Lumiere to succeed. Most patients can afford to pay something, but we have to subsidize the cost of services offered to make them affordable to the average Haitian family. In addition, patients who are unable to pay for their care are treated at no cost. While this is essential and necessary, it adds to the financial burden of operating the hospital. The result is a considerable per-bed operating deficit. That deficit is expected to reach $7,000 per bed in 2019.

Offset our deficit by sponsoring a bed

To help offset these deficits and to keep Hospital Lumiere operating efficiently, we have started a new “Sponsor A Bed” program. Participants provide ongoing financial support of Hospital Lumiere’s day-to-day operations and help us as we plan for the future. 

Sponsorships start at as low as $145 per month and you can signup now online by clicking the button below.

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